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What is TokLok ?

Instant messenger #1 in the world for secure and anonymous messaging

Private messenger
This means that - as a user - only you can decide who can communicate with you.
Encrypted messages
The encrypted message content is not stored anywhere. Only the sender and receiver are able to read the message.
Guarantee of anonymity
The application does not collect, and therefore does not store any information about users or their correspondence

Why should you buy a TOL Token ?

You support the development of TokLok, the safest instant messenger in the world
The application is ready and fully functional. It is appreciated and tested by experts both in Poland and around the world. By purchasing a TOL token you will contribute to faster development of the communicator and supplementing it with new features.
Trading TOL Token on cryptocurrency exchanges
One exchange has already signed on for TOL trading, and the TokLok team is working with several more to bring a variety of TOL trading pairs to the market.
Rapid increase TOL Token price
Our TOL token may yield a significant return on investment within a short period of time thanks to TokLok rising popularity among users, companies, and institutions.
Bonuses for TOL Token Buyers
Investors who purchase a significant amount of TOL tokens can receive exclusive rewards, such as lifetime TokLok access and passive income opportunities.

Bonuses for people who buy TOL token

Buying a TOL token is a unique opportunity to earn above average profits.

- Exclusive discount

We offer the best price for the first people who decide to buy the token. The first stage of sale is certainly the most attractive. In subsequent stages the price of the token increases several times. During this time you will get to know companies and institutions that are already using the TokLok messenger. This will convince you that the token is worth any of the prices we offer.

- Lifetime access to the TokLok

TokLok is a paid application. However, you can be rewarded with free lifetime access by making a one-time purchase of TOL tokens valued at 1000 PLN in total. This lifetime access entitles you to all future updates and feature releases.

- Passive income from TokLok messenger profits

The REIBA LTD that owns TokLok offers the opportunity to deposit purchased tokens in a special account in exchange for a dividend of 30% of the company’s revenue paid out once a year. The profits paid out will be divided proportionally among all TOL holders who have decided to deposit their tokens. The minimum number of deposited TOL tokens in order to receive the bonus is 5 000.

- Interest-bearing deposit with TOL

We are offering an interest-bearing deposit to token holders with at least 1000 TOL.
For keeping them in the account for a minimum of 12 months investors receive 8% per year with daily capitalization of interest! This gives an effective interest rate of up to 8.3% per year, as interest is also charged on the interest. Profit from the deposits will be paid out in ETH.

TOL token distribution

TOL - TokLok Token

Start of sales
May 16, 2022
End of sale
November 16, 2022
Methods of payment
Fiat: PLN, EURO ; Crypto: ETH, BTC
Total number of tokens
10.000.000 Tokens
Number of tokens for sale
9 350 000
Number of sales stages
16 May - 16 July
16 July - 16 September
5,5 PLN / TOL
16 September - 16 November
10 PLN / TOL

1 TOL = 1 PLN ( Stage I )

In the news

TokLok - the world's most secure instant messenger launches. Fully encrypted connections and messages, storage of conversations only on the device, and the assurance that the developers of the instant messenger do not have access to the data of the user and his interlocutors.
TokLok takes an honest approach to security. The app does not collect data about the user, such as their location. The only thing it needs is access to your phone number, which is required for registration.
ISB tech
Fully encrypted calls and messages, storing conversations exclusively on your device, and the assurance that instant messaging developers can't access your data or your callers.


We Consistently Achieve Our Goals

Dec 2019


  • First plans and market research
Mar 2020

Completing the team

  • Hiring top cybersecurity professionals
Oct 2020

Starting work on the application

  • Development work on the application
  • TokLok messenger.
Jul 2021

Beta version

  • Completing the production version of the app for android and iOS
Sep 2021

Application tests

  • Conducting tests related to functionality and security.
Dec 2021

Application launch

  • The app has become available to everyone in the Googe Play store.
Feb 2022

iOS version

  • Making apps available in the App Store
May 2022

Token TOL

  • Launch of TokLok TOL token sales.
Oct 2022

Implementation of communicator in institutions

  • Finalization of talks with institutions
  • including state institutions and companies for which privacy and security of communication is crucial
Jan 2023

Application development

  • Introducing new features.

Communication without network access

Secure communication using Bluetooth

A privacy-prioritized messaging application that works with or without Internet access, cellular data or other networks.

TokLok is the only communicator in the world that will be able to send information under any conditions using Bluetooth technology over a distributed network, even over long distances.

The world is constantly changing

The fight for your security and privacy will never end

Imagine a situation where the success of a larger project, the success of a long-prepared event or even your life or the life of someone close to you depends on sending information. Imagine a situation where access to the Internet is censored or impossible and blocked in its entirety. Imagine a complete lack of possibility for fast communication via instant messengers or connections you have known so far.

Just one major event can plunge us into such a situation. That is why TokLok is the only instant messaging service in the world, working on a solution that provides the possibility of secure encrypted communication in all conditions. No sim card, no GSM, no WiFi.

Think of how much you can gain

When you buy TOL tokens you can receive :

- Lifetime access to the TokLok application

- Passive income of 30% from TokLok messenger profits

- 8% interest deposit for holding TOL tokens in an account with daily capitalization of interest



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Our team

Creators of the TokLok messenger

Paulina Woźniak - CEO TokLok

Dawid Wagner - Managing Director

  • Dawid Nester – CTO
  • Michał Niciński – Java Developer
  • Michał Zwolankiewicz – QA
  • Magdalena Kowalczyk – Support
  • Kacper Cyranowski – React Native Developer
  • Dominik Czupryna – Mobile Developer
  • Katarzyna Milenkiewicz – Product Manager
  • Jakub Wietrzyk – DevOps


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